The flagship wine brand of JNT Group, addressed mainly to women. It offers a wide range of products for various occasions, which are constantly developed with innovative concepts. Formulas refined to the smallest detail, combined with modern and attractive packaging make Monte Santi a perfect response to current market trends. Brand portfolio includes sparkling wines, cocktails and still wines.

Still wines

Delightful and tempting with a strong taste and aroma of fresh fruit. Round, velvety, creamy-sweet in mouth. Perfect for desserts or as a dessert itself.


Sweetness of life and temperamental bitterness perfectly balanced Monte Santi Pink as an aperitivo is the perfect introduction and a subtle opening for social gatherings in the sun. It perfectly shows its unique character on ice cubes, it perfectly harmonizes with other alcoholic beverages.


HUGO is a drink originating from Northern Italy with delicate bubbles and lemon-green colour. Aromas of elderflower combined with mint and lime guarantee a real refreshment. Best served chilled or with ice cubes.


The most international of Italian cocktails, it adds charm to every meeting. The recipe of this unique drink originates in Italy, but nowadays it is crazy popular all over the world – from Tokyo to New York. The taste of juicy oranges combined with a hint of bitterness and sparkling wine makes the Spritz refreshing and light. Perfect as an aperitif or for a nice chat with friends.


Inspired by a trendy wine with fresh strawberries. The harmony of sweet aromas and flavors together with the delicate bubbles make Fragolino an ideal aperitif or whenever you feel like a moment of joyful pleasure.

La perla

Amazes not only with rich range of flavors and aromas, but also with how it looks. Just shake the bottle to admire the effect of swirling clouds of glitter. Astonishing, original, crazy. It charms and seduces with glitter and encourages to have fun. An ideal gift for all who like sweet sparkling wines.


A unique combination of fruit mousse and sparkling wine in 3 international cocktails: Rossini, Bellini and Mimosa. The refreshing flavors harmoniously combine sparkling wine with notes of sweet fruits.


Wonderfully refreshing wines with clear fruit notes and subtle bubbles. They delight with finesse and pleasant aroma. Fresh, light, original. Bella Fresca wines add joy, smile and good atmosphere to social meetings. Available in four unique variants.


A unique combination of the highest quality grape wine from sunny Italy and a light fruit juice. This mix gives Fruttisecco an exceptionally mild and subtle taste and makes every moment spent with friends unique. Makes you smile and feel relaxed.


Sparkling wines in small, handy and easy to cool cans will add glamour to any casual meeting or a friendly chat. They perfectly complement moments of joy and happiness.