JNT Group

We are a company operating in the spirit of social responsibility and our CSR strategy is based on the idea of supporting and developing the local community. Operating in the Łódź region, we employ people from this region and this is why we perfectly know the specificity and needs of its inhabitants.

Therefore, everything we do is based on the principle:

“Think globally, act locally”

Sport and culture

By focusing on regional projects we support the most needy members of our community. Also we involve in numerous sports and cultural initiatives. As an environmentally responsible company, we care for the natural environment, in which we operate.

Sport and physical activity are important for the region’s inhabitants not only because they help them to stay fit and healthy, but also let them develop their hobbies, integrate members of the community and involve young people. Therefore, for many years we have been supporting local teams and sport clubs, such as: Sport Club “ISKRA” Dobroń, PKK Pabianice, Youth PTK, Pabianice Water Sports Club. We also participate in events which promote healthy and active lifestyle among residents of the region.

Associations and organizations

We cooperate with organizations and associations, which help the most needy, sick and affected people, e.g. Szpital Centrum Zdrowia Matki Polki in Łódź, Towarzystwo Pomocy Św. Brata Alberta, Mutual Aid Association Szansa from Pabianice, orphanages in Łódź, Care and Education Centre in Pabianice and Pomocna Dłoń Association.

Regional projects

We are involved in projects, that promote various aspects of culture, such as dance or film, which build social bonds and shape a society sensitive and open to other people.

Environmental Protection

The issue of environmental protection is also very important to us, therefore we constantly monitor and improve production processes in our plant in order to reduce the environmental impact – for example by reducing energy consumption, gas emissions and packaging waste.