Friday January 1st, 2021

JNT Group is the winner of the Diamond Statuette “Business Fair Play” 2020 edition

“Business Fair Play” is a nationwide program, that was created 22 years ago. Every year since then it evaluates all aspects of the company’s operations, the way and style it runs the business – not only its economic results or quality of the products. The program aims to promote ethical values in business activities, understood as the proper management of relations with various stakeholders of the company, i.e. with customers, contractors, employees, partners, the local community, as well as local and state authorities. The idea of the program is to encourage all companies in Poland to behave ethically and introduce appropriate changes not only in the internal organization of work, but also to shape positive relations with the local community and care for the natural environment.

The “Business Fair Play” Quality Certificate confirms the honesty of the company and is a message for customers and other stakeholders that the company is trustworthy. The certificate strengthens the company’s credibility, because it is supported by a reliable and multi-stage verification process. The certificate helps to stand out on the market and draws the attention of stakeholders (customers, suppliers, business partners, authorities of various levels, media, local community employees) to the company and its offer. As the result, the certificate provides the company with new customers, reliable suppliers, business partners, valuable employees and may also result in interesting relations with institutions and public offices that otherwise could not have occurred. Participation in the verification process can make the company aware of certain ailments or improvement opportunities and encourage it to introduce changes in its functioning, which may result in f.e. lower operating costs, acquiring new customers, innovation, etc.